Research Questions – Greenall’s Gin and my Peers Projects

Why do people drink gin?

“Gin and tonic can help fight malaria! The quinine in tonic water is what really helps malaria. But it has a bitter taste, which is complemented by the addition of gin. That’s the reason why British colonialists in India started to drink the combo in the first place”(Buzzfeed, 2013).

Why are Britain so proud of making gin?

The ‘Gin Craze’

“The Gin Craze was a period in the first half of the 18th century when the consumption of gin increased rapidly in Great Britain, especially in London” (Wikipedia 2016)

What influences the younger generation to drink alcohol?

“Recent years have seen the consumption of alcohol at population level reach an historical high, coupled with an increase in alcohol’s availability and affordability. These trends indicate a more central place
for alcohol in UK culture and, some argue, an increased ease with consumption above healthy levels across all age groups” (Seaman, P – 2010).


Questions to think about for everyone else’s projects:

Weather Project – Will Cuthbert 

  • What could be made that hasn’t been made before for weather?
  • How do you make it interactive?
  • What 3D designs can I implement?

Thirsty Water – Chantelle Woodward 

  • How much water is consumed world wide?
  • How can you encourage people to drink 2L water a day?
  • How could you promote to help get clean water to 3rd world countries?

Misrepresented Culture

  • Why do people associate muslims with terrorism?
  • How could you change this using media?
  • What do you hope to gain from the project?

Employ Autistic People

  • How could you create more awareness using media other than just a video?
  • What are the common misconceptions of autism?
  • How will you create the media is a non-patronising way?

First Craft Cider Company

  • What is it you are going to create?
  • How are you going to tackle permission issues to shoot photography in certain locations?
  • How are you going to create media that will catch the clients eye’s?

Nottingham Future City

  • How are you going portray the ‘future’
  • What attracts people to Nottingham?
  • How are they going to improve it?

Iconic Roald Dahl

  • How will you create illustrations that aren’t mediocre?
  • How will you implement technology?
  • What sketch techniques do you plan to use?


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Seaman, P. and Ikegwuonu, T. (2010) Drinking to belong: Understanding young adults’ alcohol use within social networks. Available at: (Accessed: 21 February 2017).

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