Gin Exports on the Rise

The United Kingdom is the heart of gin and is also the biggest exporter, exporting to 139 countries. Over 50% of the gin made in the UK is exported overseas which makes up 70% of the global supply and was worth £421 million back in 2015;

“Enough gin to pour 580 million gin and tonics was enjoyed in the US last year as exports rose 9% to a record £159 million – in part thanks to a UK revival led by fashionable artisanal producers like Sipsmith and Hoxton”. (Gov UK, 2016)

Britons are proud of British Gin because they are proud of our culture become drinks of choice in the US and all over the world;

“Business is booming for our iconic drink brand in the States. From our world class gins to beloved ales, it’s fantastic to see brands so synonymous with British culture becoming the drinks of choice in bars, clubs and restaurants across the US”. (Environment Secretary, 2016)

“Like English wine our British gin is also experiencing a boom. We have seen an incredible rise in the number of distilleries set up in the last year with record breaking sales reaching £1 billion”. (Miles Beale, 2016)

What does this mean for my project?

With the likes of gin expanding worldwide, creating content with a very British background (using the weather concept) means it Greenall’s Gin could be known to a wider audience other than millennial’s in Britain.


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One thought on “Gin Exports on the Rise

  1. need to start some visual experimentation. your prototyping was good but not sure what’s happened since then?


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