Greenall’s Poster Development – Weather Concept

Inspiration – Photo Manipulation


Ideas Behind my Poster Designs

The Greenall’s competition brief is all about targeting millennial’s to encourage them be more aware of Greenall’s Gin. The idea behind my posters is a very British concept, using the weather to guide this. My posters are designed to give people more of an excuse to use the gin, by using cocktail recipes to compliment what season it is for example, a warm cocktail will be advertised during winter etc.


Summer draft one.jpg
Summer theme – Draft 1

After feedback from graphic designers, I came to conclusion that the first draft didn’t look British and the type was too large. In the second draft, I changed the planet features to bright summer grass and an oak tree to represent British summer.

Summer theme – Final draft
Autumn theme – Final Draft
Spring theme – Final Draft
Winter theme – Draft 1
Winter theme – Draft 2
Winter theme – Final draft

After several drafts of the winter poster and feedback from graphic designers, I feel the final draft came out well. It was said that the first initial drafts didn’t seem British and was referred to as ‘looking like a slaughter house’. Changes such as the background snow planet and a Christmas tree was added to give a more wintery, British affect.

Further designs will be created after more feedback from peers/tutors/audience.


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