Why is it Important to Have an Online Presence/ Portfolio?

Client Education and Pre-Qualification

Educating potential clients of what type of work I have produced over several years can save time when first contacting them;

“Giving the client an opportunity to view your work at their leisure allows them to learn about you in a comfortable setting. When an educated client contacts you, they know what your work looks like and they have decided to do business with you because of this. It can be quite settling to know that the work you’re doing is exactly what’s expected of you. Having a great online portfolio makes for better qualified initial contacts”. (John Furness, 2015)


Keeping your work up to date online is important when maintaining an online presence. This can motivate you to keep yourself current and active within the professional field you are working in and over time, may show a wide range of skills you possess.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search engine optimisation can make your work accessible through many search engines for indexing within their databases.

“This can significantly help with SEO. If a person performs a search for who was the architect responsible for designing a particular building – your website will come up in the results. This works for any industry – if you produce a product or provide a service that someone is looking for and you’re not online there’s a really slim chance that an online search will lead them to you”. (John Furness, 2015)

Personal Brand Identity

Research shows that one of the first things an employer does when they look at your resume is to search you online. By creating your own online identity you are the one with control over what companies and clients see when they search you. Personal customisation can really help you define and show off your own brand personality.

What to Include Within an Online Portfolio

  • Work
  • About
  • Blog
  • Reviews
  • Contact


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Furness, J. (no date) The benefits of an online portfolio. Available at: https://simplesquare.com/resources/the-benefits-of-an-online-portfolio/ (Accessed: 1 March 2017).

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