Greenall’s Gin – Updated Posters

After discussions with my tutor, I decided to move around the posters and create the graphic on the left hand side as it’s the first thing you see on the poster and people may wonder how it’s made by looking to the right of the objects. Here is the outcome of each poster;

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 14.05.48.png
Autumn Poster
Winter Poster
Summer Poster
Spring Poster

3 thoughts on “Greenall’s Gin – Updated Posters

  1. Still not feeling it. How is Gin made? Is it juniper berries? And then sloe berries for sloe gin? Thinking ‘the berry’ might work better than ‘the world’ idea. Also think ‘the ingredients’ and ‘the method’ are still too prominent. I think too large but perhaps it’s too many lines so I would try berry not world and cut down text size and number of text lines.


  2. instead of a ‘earth/world’ try a ‘berry’, like a juniper berry is what i was thinking. gives you a similar shape but makes sense of the juice pouring from the shape


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