Project 5 – What is it? What’s my roles?

The Brief: Overview

It was discussed upon myself and two other students to carry on with the C-Tex client assignment, assigned earlier this academic year. We will be creating an additional two videos as part of C-Tex Colour’s marketing campaign. Item 1 (Pre-installation video) and Item 2 (Training video) will be created for this final university assignment.

Item 2: A Pre-Install video so that customers can prepare for the arrival of their equipment (2-5 mins).

Item 3: A training video so that customers can start using the equipment well (2-5 mins).

The Challenge

Words from C-tex:

“We are doing something new. Markets need some help to get their heads around newness and difference. In the textile sector there are still plenty of dinosaurs. We are doing something complex. But we need to communicate it in a simple way We will be working all over the world. We need to communicate with as few words as possible and be able to easily translate our new media into many languages Technology is changing rapidly. We will need the ability to update, modify and add to our media. We need media mostly for training purposes, but also for sales. (it can be considered that training is mostly a process of selling of course). As technology is moving fast we would need the ability to change videos, images, text within the media. Mix of video, text and animation will likely be required. We are open to all sorts of ideas for how to make complex messages simple, make the media fun, work in-line with our company culture. And very different format from our competitors: this is quite a conservative, old-fashioned, formal, restrained, stuffy sector. We want to move away from this towards relaxed, accessible and visually appealing. What is the purpose of the product? To provide online colour monitoring of textiles so that textile manufacturers can reduce production costs and increase quality Target Audience:

Who are we talking to? Quality Directors, Production Directors, Colour Experts Can be male or female Quite practical people Customers will be from around the world: existing users are based in Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia, Jordan, Portugal, Taiwan, UK, USA, Vietnam. We use a network of agents to sell our technology. A key objective of creating media is to ensure consistency of message (agents are not always accurate in what they say to customers!)”.

Job Roles

Adam Holmes: Director and pre-production for item 2 and 3, filming for item 3 and editor for both videos (so the clients can have several edits from myself and Josh to choose from).

Josh Hollyoak: Director for item 3, filming for item 2 and editor for both videos.

Will Cuthbert: 3D animator for both videos.

Filming Dates


Tuesday 18th – Thursday 20th April – 11am

Training: To be confirmed

When is the deadline C-tex?


1) Date TUESDAY 18/04/17 initial creative review of rough pencil sketch ideas.

2) Date TUESDAY 02/05/17 first draft review revised creative. Half size, with color, hand or computer created.

3) Date WEDNESDAY 07/05/17 final internal creative presentation. Same finish as previous round.

4) Date 13/05/17 product delivered


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