Feedback 4 Reflection – How will this help me for Project 5?

Grade: Mid 2:1

Feedback from Project 4 and how I can use it to make myself better for project 5;

  • Good amount of blog posting 

This is something I will have no trouble doing as I am now used to reflecting on my work to make sure I am aware of what I am doing, what needs changing and how to keep pushing myself to get better.

  • Good design process

Something which was heavily influenced during the course of the project, which I feel would be a little tougher to do during project 5, as the clients are very set on what they want. However, it will be important for me to show my creative thinking and processes during this project such as, camera techniques, video compression for web, video editing, experimentation, planning etc.

  • Distinct elements

Due to project 5 being a group project, it will be very important to underline what part of the project I have worked on by blogging regularly outlining my work.

  • High quality work

I believe project 5 will be successful as I have experience working with the other two students. I believe they are reliable and we all know what we have to do for C-Tex and our roles are clear.

  • Attention to detail could have been better

This would be a case of looking through the work thoroughly between the group to determine any errors before sending the work to the clients. Meeting the students in my group regularly will be important to overcome this issue I had during project 4.



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