C-Tex Training Video Progression

Due to the training video having to be quite basic (visually) it is important to give the information needed through the call outs. For continuity, I will be using the same call outs as the sales video so all three items can have the same concept, but I will be recreating the information and text to put my own twist on them, for example changing the fonts, information and languages.

By combining my editing skills within Premiere Pro and After Effects, I am able to connect the two programmes by using the Adobe Dynamic Link setting within premiere which enables me to import the call outs without having to render them all separately, which saves a great amount of time.

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 14.17.15

By using the ‘corner pin’ effect in Premiere Pro, I was able to make the screen capture look like it is coming from the mock-up design of the laptop I created in Cinema 4 (this will be replaced by Will’s models as he is the 3D animator for this project.

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 16.13.10.png The above image is an example of recreating the call outs by changing the font and information. Premier and After Effects work brilliantly for item 3 (C-Tex Training) because the video is heavily influenced by call outs and the information they provide the the target audience.

Client Feedback

After talking with the client, he is happy the way the video is panning out and believe all the information I have provided within the video already is heading into the right direction. As there is not much room for camera creativity, my skills within editing will guide this project to make it successful.




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