Pre-Installation – Post-Production

A general outline in how I wanted the pre-installation to look like

  • Fast paced (upbeat music, jump cuts)
  • Sound design (adding in sound in post production) as this can make a video look much more professional which I think has done in my edit. I downloaded sound effects from a royalty free website
  • Smooth/fast transitions – This is something I have been quite creative with and it has made the video look more professional, especially when adding in transition sounds
  • Telling a story – I believe this has been successful as I followed the initial storyboard ideas to keep the story within the video

What problems have I encountered and how have I overcome them?

During the colour grading process, it was difficult to get each shot looking the same due to the shoot not being shot in log. After working on the grading for some time I got the shots looking the same, but there seemed to be some flicker when playing the video back.

I decided to export a section of the video where I thought had the most ‘flicker’ after the colour grading to see if it was just a pre-render/playback issue (see images below).

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 13.40.18Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 13.40.47

I realised it was in fact a playback issue and the video was fine to export fully after I have created several videos with the different languages inputted.


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