Digital Media Practice Module Reflection Evaluation

A comparison between my work and the learning outcomes

– LO1- Synthesise and express an informed understanding of the complex aspects of Digital Media Practice – Displayed through research, blogging and reports I feel I have hit this learning outcome throughout year 3.

-LO2- Appropriately apply an informed and creative visual aesthetic to the production and communication of digital design solutions – Solving problems within video operating and editing has been prominent within my projects for example, from having to change frames when filming to changing call outs in the edits to match each video for the client submission in project 5.

-LO3- Make design recommendations following diagnosis and evaluation of research findings – Concept designs influenced by research and experiments is prominent within the project.

LO4- Critically apply current theory, practice and key contemporary issues as identified by a described target industry and their audience – This has been shown especially within project 3 and 5 where there was a huge target audience, having to mould the videos to hit these specific target audiences that are global.

LO5- Evaluate and reframe the roles and responsibilities of the designer in the global context – A global context has been thoroughly explored within this project through several different videos/visuals ranging from English, Turkish, Portuguese, Spanish and Chinese.

LO6- Utilise complex analytical tools to identify and resolve problems – Shown through my project management roles within projects using different softwares to co-ordinate the teams.

LO7- Critique existing research in order to formulate appropriate design process methodologies in a given context – Shown through research such as looking at competitors.

LO8- Propose described innovative solutions to design briefs through actively engaging with collaboration – Once again shown through my project management roles whereby I have had to find solutions through organising a team and coming up with ideas to tackle problems that occurred.

Skills, qualities and attributes. After studying this module you should be able to:

LO9- Evaluate and accept responsibility for complex project management – I believe this has been shown through individual projects and group projects especially when I have been project manager of a team.

LO10- Conceptualise, construct and distil a range of complex research skills recommended in the global area of digital media design – Lots of research has been done on several industries within my studies and projects ranging from videography, editing and marketing.

LO11- Articulate ideas, concepts and solutions relative to identified contexts within digital media design practice through the application of a range of communication methods, tools and media – I have found many concepts throughout my projects and tested these which then led to my final design processes.

LO12- Utilise appropriate digital design tools and forms to identify and resolve complex problems – For example this could mean off-lining my website and blog to prevent problems occurring through the likes of HTML and Java.

LO13- Apply complex diagnostic skills to creatively work with diverse audiences and in working collaboratively with others – Heavily shown within project 3 and 5.

LO14- Apply complex diagnostic skills in order to differentiate between appropriate visual development techniques and media – Many platforms have been used throughout my studies including a lot of the adobe suite. I have used them and compared my progress to find what worked best within projects.

LO15- Integrate personal reflection in verbal, written and visual presentations – Shown mostly through my blog when developing the project ranging from experiments to the final products from concept/prototype/research influences.


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