Project 5 Reflection


After gaining feedback from peers, professionals, tutors and clients I believe this project has been a great success, not only as a group but also personally. Hands on experience with clients has given me more confidence to to be creative within a workplace with peers or colleagues and clients which is essential for a career after university.

Working to a strict deadline has enabled me to work under pressure at a consistent and professional pace. This meant getting in to a routine of working from 8/9am until the evening, which is sometimes the case within the video making industry, so I now feel more prepared for transitioning from student to working life. The project has made me realise my love for video making, which has inspired me to carry it on as a hobby even if I go into a different sector like marketing. The transferable skills gained from this project such as  time management, communication skills and group work can easily be transitioned into the marking industry.

C-Tex also mentioned carrying on making videos for them during the summer time as a paid placement, which shows that they enjoyed my work ethic towards their company, they also mentioned how they liked working with me as a person, which has given me great confidence for my future career. The development from a piece of paper from storyboarding, shot lists etc to the final products gives me a great sense of achievement, knowing that myself and my groups initial plans worked out in the end, to give the best and professional material to our clients.


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