Professional Feedback – Project 5

During a conversation between Josh’s previous placement company ‘McCann’ (advertising agency), Josh asked several questions about my personal video edits (pre-installation and training) for professional feedback, the feedback is as follows;

Does the pre-installation video look professionally shot?

Video editor 1: It does, I wouldn’t think it is a student-made film.

Video editor 2: Yes, I think especially that it was only shot in one day.

Does the training video look professional?

Video editor 1: Although it’s a quite boring video for most people to watch, the call outs make it interesting and informational.

Video editor 2: I agree also agree, the 3d PC could have been textured to make it more interesting.

In your own words, what do you think about my edits?

Video editor 1: I believe it shows you have great attention to detail, I like how the music guides the video.

Video editor 2: I like how you added sound on top of some of the clips and transitions, it makes a video stand out and look a lot more professional.

What skills do you think I show after watching these videos?

Video editor 1: From an employer point of view it shows you have technical editing skills, personal skills such as time management and the ability to work with clients.

Video editor 2: It shows you can edit professional and bring more to the table than a lot of new graduates we have taken on.


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