C-Tex Pre-Installation – What data have I measured so far?

After taking a step back from editing I soon realised that a lot of the call outs had different size texts, and this was to keep it inside the motion box within Adobe After Effects. I decided I should then experiment to keep the consistency. Some of the text looked odd,  for example ‘Figure 1’ looks strange due to some words looking out of place within the sentence, this is due to the text size being too large. e the text sizes.

Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 13.10.20
Figure 1

I then decided on which sizes to use (heading size 53, caption size 40) and measured the time it would take to go back through the call outs and change the text sizes (see Figure 2)

Figure 2

Below are images before and after the changes were made. I now feel there is much more consistency within the video and I believe it looks more slick and easier to read.

Before changes

Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 13.09.48

Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 13.09.58Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 13.10.09

After changes

Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 13.45.28Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 13.45.46Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 13.47.22Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 13.47.39


Greenall’s Poster Development – Weather Concept

Inspiration – Photo Manipulation


Ideas Behind my Poster Designs

The Greenall’s competition brief is all about targeting millennial’s to encourage them be more aware of Greenall’s Gin. The idea behind my posters is a very British concept, using the weather to guide this. My posters are designed to give people more of an excuse to use the gin, by using cocktail recipes to compliment what season it is for example, a warm cocktail will be advertised during winter etc.


Summer draft one.jpg
Summer theme – Draft 1

After feedback from graphic designers, I came to conclusion that the first draft didn’t look British and the type was too large. In the second draft, I changed the planet features to bright summer grass and an oak tree to represent British summer.

Summer theme – Final draft
Autumn theme – Final Draft
Spring theme – Final Draft
Winter theme – Draft 1
Winter theme – Draft 2
Winter theme – Final draft

After several drafts of the winter poster and feedback from graphic designers, I feel the final draft came out well. It was said that the first initial drafts didn’t seem British and was referred to as ‘looking like a slaughter house’. Changes such as the background snow planet and a Christmas tree was added to give a more wintery, British affect.

Further designs will be created after more feedback from peers/tutors/audience.

C-Tex shoot 2 – How did it go?

Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 01.00.58.png
Testing the test footage before the initial shoot to ensure it runs smoothly

Like the last shoot, I took over the camera operating role as one member of the video team did not turn up. Luckily, due to my previous experience I was able to handle the job role as well as project managing the shoot and working closely with one of the members of the video team who helped with lighting and general setting up shots whilst working closely with the clients.

A member of the photography team also attended and got some great production images and photos to be used within all three videos. Here are some of many;

Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 01.08.54.png
Working closely with the clients
Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 01.09.27.png
Getting the right shot
Detecting colour variation from the sample
Making the client feel comfortable in front of the camera

I feel the shoot went perfectly with no set-backs, we based the shoot from feedback and got all of the shots we had planned to get to finalise the video which will be complete by tomorrow. I believe from shoot one we have learned a lot about the company and what they want due to regular communication and feedback, therefore we knew exactly what we needed to get and the shoot couldn’t have gone any better.

Meeting reflection – Project 3


Our latest meeting consisted of meeting up to gather all work that has been created for our final sales video for C-Tex. The main objective of this meeting was to give everything to the editor to finalise the edit. Not everyone came to the meeting which has been a regular occurrence during the project, but I made sure to keep everyone up to date by sending them personal messages and updating the Facebook c-tex group.

Using Lynda to learn about Project Management

Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 00.34.47.png

Title: Boosting your creativity at work

Main points learnt from this training video:

The principal of reciprocity;

  • Make the first move
  • Help others – give information and your time even if they haven’t helped you

Identify constraints;

  • Budget requirements – C-Tex has no budget for us on project three therefore we had to work around this
  • Don’t overwhelm your mind with no limits
  • Set viable constraints

Solving problems;

  • Solve other peoples problems – I have worked closely with the video team to give my advice

Working in pairs, not large groups;

  • This project was working in a small group with categories split in to pairs with different job roles which worked great throughout
  • This gives more attention to each other
  • You can bounce ideas off each other
  • More efficient

Harnessing diversity;

  • This is a driver of creativity
  • Gender and cultural diversity – This applies to my year in which there is different genders and cultures


Boyd, D. (2013) Managing team creativity. Available at: https://www.lynda.com/Business-Skills-tutorials/Increasing-Your-Creativity-Work/149835-2.html?srchtrk=index%3a20linktypeid%3a2q%3aproject+managing+a+creative+teampage%3a1s%3arelevancesa%3atrueproducttypeid%3a2 (Accessed: 2 February 2017).

Client Communication


Communication is key when working with a client, it allows you to organise plans between you and who you are working for and to also keep track of what it is they ask of you.

“The best two questions to ask when engaging in client communication are: What does my client need or what do they value? And how can I deliver that to them in a way that they can understand?” (Sarah Theodore, 2016).

‘Figure 1’ is just one set of emails during communication within Project 3. On this instance, a time is being set between myself (project manager) and a client at C-Tex to organise when to film shoot two. Emailing the clients throughout the project has been a great and important feature as this skill is widely used within most work environments.

Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 13.08.42.png
Figure 1 – Client communication


Limited, M.G. (2016) 9 effective ways to improve client communication. Available at: https://www.macquarie.com/au/advisers/expertise/smart-practice/improve-client-communication (Accessed: 2 February 2017).

Project Management – Trello

How would I project manage a creative team if it wasn’t a university project?

Throughout the C-Tex project I have used Facebook and meetings within the library to communicate to the students. For example, I used the group feature and chat feature to communicate to the team as a whole and personally (see references for previous blog posts).

“Trello is a collaboration tool that organises your projects into boards. In one glance, Trello tells you what’s being worked on, who’s working on what, and where something is in a process” (trello.com).

If I was assigned the Project Manager role within a future project, I would definitely consider using Trello to organise a team and a project. I have had feedback from my tutor about using Facebook and he agreed that it was perfectly fine within a university project, but for future references it is important for me to be aware of what programmes/websites are out there to keep organised as a project manager.

I have set up a Trello account to use in the future to ensure organisation:

Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 16.53.52.png


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Project Managing – Assessing where I am

“You cannot change your destination overnight, but you can change your direction” (Jim Rohn).

How close are we to the project?

We are working to our deadlines effectively, almost all of the pre-production is complete and we are also filming tomorrow.

Is it turning out how we wanted it to? 

More than planned – we have worked on our work and concepts effectively and definitely made the right decisions due to the client also agreeing.

Are we being pushed creatively?

For me it’s more self motivation as I like the clients and want to produce quality work for them. I have been pushing the team as project manager to keep on creating creative work.

Are we up against in terms of time? 

Yes, we are always thriving to create work.

What duration is left?

Just under half of our time is left.

What percentage of the project is complete?

Around 60% and will jump to 70% after tomorrow, we are moving quickly and effectively.

How is this going to help me get a job?

Leadership skills are extrmeenly important in getting any type of job and shows you can work as a team. I will be putting this experience on my CV and will incorporate these transferable skills within my last two projects at university.

What things did I need to do improve from Project 2? 


  • Learning how to manage a creative team
  • Time management
  • Learn more about the client on a professional and friendly basis


  • Learning how to manage a creative team
  • Experimentation
  • Create several prototypes and concepts

What have I learnt from Kirby Ferguson’s ‘Nothing is original talk’?


  • It’s okay to steal other peoples ideas and re-make them in your own way – VPoint Hilary’s blinds.
  • Our video ideas may not be completely original because someone has probably already done it before, but that’s okay.
  • The most talented ‘inventors’ weren’t actually inventors.


Challenges being Project Manager for Project 3

Challenge: People not turning up to meetings.

How I overcame the challenge: When some students haven’t been able to attend the meetings, I have written down everything being said within the meetings. This is not only just to record what we have got out of the meetings, but it enabled me to tell the students what needed to be done – through our private messenger and page where we share the work that has been produced.

Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 15.51.15.png
Keeping the team up to date

Challenge: The client not replying to an email.

How I have overcame the challenge: This challenge I faced was important to overcome as it could have slowed down the process of the project which was getting permission to film. I overcame this challenge by a follow up call to the client to discuss the plans to shoot the video. After the conversation I later sent another email with all the information he needed.

Challenge: Being more exposed

How I have overcame the challenge: There are a lot of roles within my project management role and the final say has to go through me. This leaves me more exposed than others even though I have never had this job role before. I have made sure I have researched how to lead a creative team and I feel this has helped me greatly and the job role has given me a lot of experience. I have also realised it is OK not to know everything and that I am also learning too.

Challenge: I have no one to delegate to

How I have overcome the challenge: Although at times I have been overwhelmed I have been realistic throughout the project. I have tried to prioritise work and evenly distribute it within the different job roles within the project for example, giving even amounts of work to the photography, 3D, motion graphics and video team.