C-Tex Training Video – Call Outs

I am nearly at the end of the first draft of my training video for C-Tex. After searching for background music I found a royalty free song that fits the concept of the video and most of all makes the video a little more interesting and upbeat. The call outs are almost complete with a few more tweaks to go.

How am I keeping the video related to the wide audience?

As the audience is varied with several different languages, i have kept the text easy and simple to understand with them not being too text heavy. I will also be translating the video call outs to the specific languages so we know for sure the video will be understood by the customers.

Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 11.09.00.png
Video progression

Pre-Installation – Shoot Reflection

Overview of the shoot

By using the my storyboards, shot lists, the clients input and our creativity, I feel that the shoot was very successful. We used our time wisely to get the shots we had planned to get, and several more for example, creative looking shots by using a dolly.


The equipment we used for the shoot was the same as the sales video to keep the consistency. This included using a Canon C100, tripod, dolly rails and an LED panel. Josh had booked two large LED panels out before hand but the camera shop within the university didn’t provide this on the morning of the shoot. To overcome this, we had to only use the one light and tweak the settings within the camera such as exposure and luminance. Luckily, the warehouse we were filming in is already well lit which we were previously aware of and were prepared for any mishaps.


As discussed on an earlier post, the roles for this shoot was for me to direct and Josh to camera operate. We followed this structure, but as there was very little to film for the training video, we both had a large input into how the video was shot. We both filmed due to being let down last week when the filming was initially planned. We only had one day to film so we felt team-work and communication would help this project effectively.

Myself and Josh will be both creating an edit each of both items 2 and 3 so the client has several edits to choose from.

Shoot Images

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 16.28.20Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 16.28.38Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 16.28.58Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 16.29.33Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 16.29.53.png

Training Video Prototype – C-Tex

Today during a meeting with the clients, I delivered my training video to the clients in order to get some feedback. The feedback was positive and I was told the video is heading in the right direction, as the information that is provided so far is what they are looking for. Below is the prototype I have put together for Item 3 (C-Tex Colour Training).

C-Tex Training Video Progression

Due to the training video having to be quite basic (visually) it is important to give the information needed through the call outs. For continuity, I will be using the same call outs as the sales video so all three items can have the same concept, but I will be recreating the information and text to put my own twist on them, for example changing the fonts, information and languages.

By combining my editing skills within Premiere Pro and After Effects, I am able to connect the two programmes by using the Adobe Dynamic Link setting within premiere which enables me to import the call outs without having to render them all separately, which saves a great amount of time.

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 14.17.15

By using the ‘corner pin’ effect in Premiere Pro, I was able to make the screen capture look like it is coming from the mock-up design of the laptop I created in Cinema 4 (this will be replaced by Will’s models as he is the 3D animator for this project.

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 16.13.10.png The above image is an example of recreating the call outs by changing the font and information. Premier and After Effects work brilliantly for item 3 (C-Tex Training) because the video is heavily influenced by call outs and the information they provide the the target audience.

Client Feedback

After talking with the client, he is happy the way the video is panning out and believe all the information I have provided within the video already is heading into the right direction. As there is not much room for camera creativity, my skills within editing will guide this project to make it successful.



Item 3 – Training Video Storyboard

The main visuals to C-Tex’s training video will be 3D and 2D visuals and info graphics. There will not be much room for creativity within this video as C-Tex are set on what they want it to look like. I have created a storyboard to show the clients what kind of visuals we are heading for, which we have already talked about in a previous meeting.

There will be a significant amount of infographics alongside the screen recordings to train the customers on how to use the C-Tex Colour software when it has been installed onto their pc system.

Training storyboard.jpg

Portfolio Development – Wix Version 2

Although you can choose a template within Wix, there is also another option to build your own, which is what I exactly did after looking more into domain prices (Wix has the best price plan for myself). I took inspiration from the last layout I used on Adobe Portfolio and started building in Wix again. It doesn’t look exactly the same but it is very similar, which I am personally happy with as it still shows off who I am (which is important for marketing). See images below to see my final website;

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My next step will be to purchase the domain to make it purely my own website with no adverts. The portfolio link will then be placed on my CV and Cover Letter to let employers show what work I am capable of creating.

Portfolio Development – Adobe Portfolio

After realisation that there wasn’t anything unique by using a template that would have already been used by thousands of people, I wanted to create my own look on my website with a layout made by myself. I was recommended Adobe Portfolio by a graphics student so I decided to give it a go. There was a lot more uniqueness about this website builder as I got more inspiration to create my own look. All of the the content on this new website was created by me within Adobe Photoshop, a program I have got significantly used to in the last couple of months due to a heavily based previous competition brief.

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After a lot of experimentation I later realised it wasn’t cheap to buy a domain for this website. I would have had to buy the whole adobe suite to get my moneys worth and on top of that, extra fees would have to be payed for my own domain. This was a lack of research by me, which I have later learnt from as I have now got a final website created on another website inspired by the layout I created this Adobe Portfolio (see next post).

Portfolio Development – Website Builder

I wanted to re-create my portfolio on a new website that I haven’t used before, and Website Builder was a high recommendation within forums on the internet. I started from scratch with the intentions of creating an eye catching website to promote myself as a brand, so a home page that stood out straight away when you go onto the website is important as that’s the first thing the user/employer sees;

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A downfall to this website builder was that you had to upgrade to premium to upload more than one video, as most of my portfolio is video based it wasn’t the best option to use Website Builder.  I later realised that using a template can be limiting to what you can create, which was a problem for me as I am naturally creative and want to be unique (see next post).

Portfolio Development – Wix (Version 1)

Over the course of my portfolio development, I have created several websites on four different website builders to develop ideas and finally choose my favourite after experimenting. My first portfolio was created on Wix, with not much initial thought. After gaining feedback from professionals, tutors and peers I tweaked some arrangements on the website. The following images are taken from my first portfolio development;

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I created this version of my website through a generic template, which I now think that isn’t anything to set me apart from everyone else. I didn’t want to take on this module without developing my skills, so I wanted to put them to test by using several different website builders and techniques (see further posts).

Pre-Installation Shoot – C-Tex

After setting filming dates a few weeks back with C-Tex, the first shoot was meant to be on Wednesday 19th (last Wednesday). Unfortunately, there was a lack of communication between the C-Tex employees and they had not got the machines ready for us to film, which has set us back and filming will not now be guaranteed until 3rd May. Although this disappointed me as I felt they let us down, we will now be working on item 3 first (training video) as not much filming will be required as they have a set look that they want it to look like with not much room for creativity.